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Palace Lounge in Gulf Hotel restaurant Bahrain

Bahrain is an Asian country located in the Middle East near the shores of the great Persian Gulf, covering a large surface mass of 55km long by 18km wide bordering Saudi Arabia to its west. Since 1783, this territory has been under the rule of Ahmed Bin Khalif’s family; thus the royal family owns a majority of palaces making them a reserve for royal leaders.

However, curious tourists have an opportunity to get a glimpse of the royal palaces and other public palaces. Bahrain is a country with both ancient and modern palaces that history attracts many tourists.

Al-Qudaibiya Palace

This is a royal palace centrally located in Bahrain’s capital, Manama. To its adjacent is the Bani Otbah Avenue and Al Fatih Highway, Al Fateh Grand Mosque to its west and Andalus Garden and Manama cemetery to the southwest. It features a magnificent architectural design with a light pink coloring with a pearl-colored, onion shaped dome. This palace is the major venue to most of Bahrain’s political and economic conferences. Besides that, A-Qudaibiya is a major tourist site attracting thousands of tourists who travel to experience the country’s ancient heritage.

 Al Sakhir Palace

Built in 1870, this is a palace located in a desert area near Zallaq in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is famous to tourists for its active environment featuring the Bahrain International Circuit opened in 2004 (home for the Bahrain Grand Prix, Motor GP among other sports), AI Areen Wildlife Park (the only natural reserve and zoo situated on land in the country), camp sites etc. there are a lot in store for tourists visiting the palace.

Beit Isa Ali Al Khalifa House

It was built in 1800, featuring one of the oldest palaces in Bahrain. It has a rich political history owing to the fact that it was built as the residence for the royal family, thus a hub for the Bahrain’s royal life of the 19th century. Beit Al Jasra Palace located to the west coast of Bahrain, Beit Al Jasra is open to the public. It is also rich in the country’s cultural heritage with a national museum preserved for local citizens as well as foreign tourists. It was initially built as a summer home and till to date it is still being visits by a large number of tourists.

The Ramada Palace

Ramada palace in BahrainA 10 minutes drive for Bahrain International Airport is the Ramada Palace; a luxurious complex facility centrally located in Bahrain’s capital Manama. It has a capacity of 84 luxurious rooms including 12 suites. Featuring state-of-the-art amenities, it offers the best experience to its customers ranging from recreational facilities such as swimming pool, well equipped gym, sauna and steam, to dining options, banqueting and conference facilities, among others, making it the best destination for business and leisure travelers.

The Palace Boutique Hotel

This is another award-winning and prestigious palace in Bahrain. It features high quality amenities that make its visitors experiences memorable moments. For instance, it’s well equipped gym and work-out center, unlimited internet access, well-stocked bar and restaurant, among other facilities guarantees a remarkable experience.

Taking a Bahrain Visa is just but the first step one needs to take for a breath-taking and memorable palace experience in Bahrain.

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